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José Mourinho has been saying things about Victor Lindelöf

Good things! Definitely good things.

Manchester United v Burton Albion - Carabao Cup Third Round Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Look, we’ll level with you straight away. If you’re here expecting José Mourinho to have said something controversial, or intriguing, or even vaguely interesting about Victor Lindelöf, Manchester United’s non-playing summer signing, then you’ll be disappointed.

So, lower your expectations a touch. A bit further. You there? Good. Here we go:

Victor will be given time and no pressure for his evolution. He has a very specific position on the pitch and I was saying he needs time, he needs time and he will be given time but also opportunities.Because just time and no opportunities to play then the evolution gets slower.

He needs time, no pressure, but also he needs oppprtunities. The fact that he played against Basel and then against Burton then in the future he's going to have more opportunities to play. He will prove step by step that he is ready to play.

Which is all very reassuring and pleasant and sensible and boring. Come on, José. Give us something to work with. It doesn’t need to be true. Hint at some deep-seated psychological weakness. Suggest that he’s got a crippling Haribo addiction. Intimate that he’s having troubling adjusting to fried breakfasts. Anything.

It’s Tuesday afternoon and we’re all struggling. A little bit of intrigue would have hit the spot nicely. Ah well.