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José Mourinho is unhappy with United's upcoming schedule

Isn't he always? Plus: new Griezmann rumors.

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Manchester United v Everton - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

José Mourinho always seems to be at his most comfortable when he has something over which to feel aggrieved. And annoyance with the fixture schedule is Mourinho's version of comfort food; he has been spouting fixture list conspiracy nonsense for damn near his whole career. So to the surprise of no one, he has piped up about Manchester United's upcoming schedule. Each of United's away trips in the Champions League are on Wednesday nights, and following each one, Mourinho's men play the following Saturday at 3 PM, giving them consistently the least rest of any of the English teams competing in Europe. He may have a point this time, to be fair.

Now that the dust from the summer 2017 transfer window has long settled, we can finally get down to discussing actual football and not transfer wibble. Ha! Of course not! Roll on the summer 2018 transfer window, and fire up the Antoine Griezmann Rumor Machine! That's right, the world's longest running (non-)transfer saga is back like it never left. In today's "update," United are said to be "weighing up a move" for the Atleti star. Uhh, okay then.

United are reportedly interested in acquiring the services of teenage midfielder Krepin Diatta. The Senegalese 18 year-old is currently plying his trade at Sarpsborg 08 in Norway, and United had scouts watching him as recently as Monday. Shamefully and predictably, this ESPN report didn't even make an effort to move beyond the laziest descriptions, calling Diatta "a player with strength, athleticism and pace." Just like Pogba then.

Finally, Gary Neville thinks that Luis Suárez "is a United player." He must be referring to a different Luis Suárez than the one who still hasn't apologized to United legend Patrice Evra for racially abusing him.