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Ashley Young wants new Manchester United contract

He could end up playing 200 games for Manchester United. Yeah.

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CSKA Moskva v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League
Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Ashley Young wants to remain at Manchester United. He has been at the club for a bafflingly long time now, but it cannot be denied that he has settled into his role as a utility man pretty well. He can play full-back, winger, wing-back and on the flanks of a front free if necessary, on both sides of the pitch. He clearly upped his game when it looked as if he could be turfed out under Louis van Gaal, and there’s little reason to get rid of a reliable performer as he now is. He’s played 168 games for United, which is barely credible.

With Sergio Aguero suffering a car crash last night, and Benjamin Mendy suffering a serious ACL injury, United’s main competitor are starting to lose a little momentum. They take on Chelsea tomorrow night, so the game against Palace is a way to take advantage, perhaps.

Martin Samuel has come up with more tedious rot, complaining that not giving Jose Mourinho a ban for a minor offence will only encourage him to re-offend. Look, “Martin”, he doesn’t deserve a ban because it was a piddling transgression, and Mourinho’s track record indicates that he’s happy to do whatever he wants, regardless of punishment.

Roy Keane has no time for David Luiz. But he does have a lot of time for Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku has scored 10 goals in nine games for United, and there seems little chance of that rate slowing if United can keep up their performance level for the rest of the season. He thinks that the £75m United paid was a, ‘bargain.’ Keane once helped a friend carry some bags from a hotel to a TV studio when he was working as a pundit, and as soon as the job was done, fixed him with a stare and said, “I’m not your friend.”

And lastly, Ander Herrera wants to bring the best out of Paul Pogba. I assume he doesn’t mean by going back to being a sub and watching him play with Nemanja Matic, but there you go.