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Manchester United interested in Malcolm and Lucas Moura

Two Brazilians, one club.

FC Girondins de Bordeaux v Montpellier Herault SC - Ligue 1
There he is!
Photo by Romain Perrocheau/Getty Images

Manchester United fans have been stung for £89 for tickets to the Sevilla away Champions League game. United have hit back in a move that somehow has won respect, making innocent Sevilla fans pay the same tariff for the game at Old Trafford. Given the sums involved in the ticket cost, United could have just paid the difference for United’s fans and not taken it out on Sevilla. But more importantly than that, had United actually cared about its fans and not the tourists they now try to attract, they would not have priced out their own fans over the course of more than a decade of Glazer ownership. This is a cheap gesture attacking the wrong targets for piddling reasons.

I mean, couldn’t United at least reduce prices given they are own doing their own unethical money-spinning, by taking a mid-season tour in the grubby, antisemitic Dubai, all for a few million. One in the eye for people who support United but don’t like modern slavery. Not like the owners care about that, either.

United face competition for Bordeaux playmaker Malcolm, with both Arsenal and Spurs interested in playing him. The French club will accept £45m for the Brazilian, something that United could afford even if they let their old fans back in the ground.

United are also weighing up for another Brazilian player in France, with Lucas Moura a possible target in the winter transfer window. Jose Mourinho might be interested if PSG are willing to accept a lowball offer, or if he can be taken on an initial loan period. Another forward would help United given Zlatan Ibrahimovic an Henrikh Mkhitaryan can no longer be relied upon.

Andreas Pereira doesn’t want to come back to rainy Britain and would like to stay in lovely, warm Spain where they didn’t do Brexit.