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Jose Mourinho thinks Paul Scholes is talking absolute guff

Because he is

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Manchester United v Southampton - Premier League
Moanin’ Paul
Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

Jose Mourinho has got tired of the tedious, self-serving guff that regularly comes out of the mouths of the Class of ‘92, and Phil Neville. The Class, or the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ as Mourinho put it brilliantly, are now mere fronts for Peter Lim’s cash at Valencia and Salford City, and are pawns in the property redevelopment of Manchester. They are essentially salesmen for expensive apartments, which is hardly edifying. Nonetheless, they also clearly have their eyes on jobs at and/or ownership of United, and so piss and moan every chance they get about the current set-up. Mourinho has had enough of them, and so should everyone else.

David Squires references Mourinho’s distractions in his cartoon in The Guardian, and this is being included because there in’t much actual news going on. It is still weird that people take Mourinho’s, and any manager’s pronouncements at face value, when they clearly have no use for the truth unless it happens to be what they want.

Mourinho has his eye on Paulo Dybala but Juventus have told them not to try it, according to The Mirror. That seems like an odd story, given you can just say no to any bid that comes in. Anyway, United need a playmaker, even if they showed against Everton that there may be some use in shifting Paul Pogb to the left of the pitch.

Sergio Romero wants to leave United, as he needs first team football to be sure of going to the World Cup in Russia. He apparently has offers from the Premier League and abroad, but United won’t be keen to sell as there is no other senior back-up ‘keeper.

Lastly, Mourinho says that his depleted squad is, ‘in trouble.’ It’s time for Ed Woodward to prove just how incompetent he is.