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Manchester United close in on closing in on closing in on Alexis Sanchez transfer

One mirror against another.

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Arsenal Training Session
Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Alexis Sanchez have had to go to an immigration centre in Liverpool in order to sort out their work permits, which explains why the transfer has yet to be completed. One thing to remember is that there is no reason to have border, in any reasonable circumstances, that our separation is entirely unreasonable and immoral, and that the world would be immeasurably better if all borders were removed, and freedom of movement was given to all. No borders!

Here is Sanchez arriving at United’s training ground, presumably for his medical. A deal should be announced today or tomorrow, but let’s not forget that the Glazers have taken more money out of the club every year, and should be putting back plenty in order to strengthen the squad further.

An incredibly handsome football writer at Yahoo has pointed out that Mino Raiola might be disliked by many in football, and across the world, because he gets himself involved in the most important and biggest transfers across the world. He then goes on to say that he should be regarded as a hero, as he takes money from those attempting to exploit football for political ends, because he puts money and power back into the hands of the worker, rather than the boss. Viva la revolucion!

Kepa, the Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper, has apparently committed his future to the Basque club and will stay despite interest from Real Madrid. Now, take all contracts with a pinch of salt, but that does mean that Real are more likely to follow up again in the summer for United’s David de Gea. He is mustard, and with Sanchez signing United can probably tempt him into one last year. But eeeeeeeeeeek.

Chris Smalling has praised Jose Mourinho. Let’s hope that this does nothing to keep him at the club.