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United head to Dubai for warm-weather training camp

You didn’t get that in my day ...

Manchester United Head to Dubai for a Training Camp Photo by Tom Purslow/Man Utd via Getty Images

Manchester United are taking advantage of a rare period of New Year respite by jetting off to Dubai for a warm-weather training camp. With 10 days separating Friday’s FA Cup win over Derby County and next week’s Premier League clash with newly managerless Stoke City, José Mourinho and his team have today upped sticks for the United Arab Emirates. It’s alright for some ...

To be sure, they aren’t just off on a jolly: in an interview with MUTV, Mourinho emphasised that the team would be seeking to iron out the flaws in their game while over in Dubai. He said:

“We need to recover but at the same time we also need to train because during this crazy time we have not had many times to work on details that you want to work. It’s been more about the recovery from the match and the travelling and the preparations for the next one without time to work.”

Let’s hope the break pays dividends.