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Jose effing Mourinho charged with swearing

Oh ess man

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Manchester United v Newcastle United - Premier League
“Go eff yourself”
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Jose “Son of a b*tch” Mourinho has been charged with improper conduct for effing and jeffing into a television camera after the mother**cking victory over Newcastle sh**ting United a couple of ***ting weeks ago. The idea that anybody gives a single, floating ***t about swearing anymore is bizarre, and given the Premier League get more exercised about this than any kind of real problems with the league shows you just where their priorities are. Let’s hope there’s a repeat performance of Eric Cantona v the French authorities about 30 years ago, where he held them in magnificent contempt (Google it, NSFW).

The most miserable man in football, former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes, has taken a break from complaining about everything in private, to complain in public. He has not unreasonably said that even Lionel Messi would struggle in this side. That’s a fair comment, but it’s hard to separate the wheat complaining from the chaff complaining, when it comes to Scholes’ tedious guff.

Greatest living Frenchman, Eric Cantona, has said that Manchester City are the favourites this season. When Cantona speaks, it’s worth listening, given that he showed the way to treat audiences long against Crystal Palace, and people are still trying to grasp whether he was correct (he absolutely was correct) to do so.

Manchester United forward and intermittently excellent player Alexis Sanchez made his first appearance for Chile in seven months as the team won 1-0 again Mexico. That augurs well for United in that it returns him to a winning feeling, and is also a disaster as he returns from huge travel for his next United match.

And there’s an article in the Independent about what comes next for United amid interest from the Saudi Arabian ruling elite. Let’s hope nothing, but if they do take over, then it’s time to give up. Please do not pretend there is anything worth defending about it.