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Pogba fed up at Manchester United

A stunning development

Manchester United Training Session
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Paul Pogba is hacked off with life at Manchester United, in news which will shock absolutely nobody who has been reading, listening, or even those who have signally tried to ignore everything to do with the club and the tedious midfielder, as a report in The Sun shows.

Pogba has said that he wants to be out of the side while Jose Mourinho is manager, looking at Mourinho’s boring, stupid tactical decisions which are designed to make Ed Woodward sack him. Mourinho has picked Scott McTominay in defence once, and done the same with Ander Herrera. It meant that United were defensively weaker, but it is a way to demonstrate that he has had his legs cut off in the summer.

Woodward should have sacked Mourinho when he decided he was no longer prepared to fund his wants in the transfer market, but instead has created a situation where his star player wants to leave, but cannot be sold because he is commercially important but in terms of football, useless and destructive. And he has a manager who wants to be sacked but won’t resign because his idiot chairman gave a contract that entitles him to a £12m payoff.

Zinedine Zidane is preparing for the United job after starting English lessons, and his representatives have been sounded out over the possibility of taking over from Mourinho, something the current manager has been made aware of. We are now in the endgame, and a competent hierarchy would have it sorted. Instead, United have theirs, so expect everything to go a lot more wrong, even more than it currently is.