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Some genius wrote a blog about United fans

Was I that genius? Only God knows

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Manchester United v Hull City - Premier League
It’s only a protest if it actually costs the Glazers something
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

For Yahoo Sport UK, I wrote a blog about Manchester United’s fans, and who is to blame for the current crisis at the club.

You can read the blog here, but you can also have some arguments in the comments section below on this site, to boost engagement and dwell time for our genial overlord, Brent Maximin.

The blog levels the blame at a rarely mentioned group who have allowed the situation to become grimly unbearable at the club over the past decade and a half: the fans.

We all know that Paul Pogba, Jose Mourinho, Ed Woodward and the Glazer family are largely to blame for the current ess show.

If the fans had continued with the boycott that some of the more sensible support started at the time of Glazer takeover, it would have crippled the club under the weight of its own, unrequested debt, and made sure that an ownership switch was brought about. Instead, people continued to buy season tickets and prop up the Glazers: first under the period of underinvestment, and then under the period of Woodward’s ludicrous carry-on where he wants adulation with none of the requisite competence.

The only way now for United fans to bring this sorry mess to an end, and get somebody who can improve things on the pitch, is to simply cut off the club from their wallets. It might not be an enjoyable thing, but it is unarguably necessary. That it will absolutely not happen is both depressing, unsurprising, and disappointing. The club needs to be put under pressure by the one group of people who can bring about the required change, but that group will never act overwhelmingly in its own interests.