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Will Ander Herrera man-mark Cristiano Ronaldo?

Or will it be the other way around?

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Manchester United v Real Madrid - International Champions Cup 2018
Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

David Squires of the Guardian has produced another comic strip, this time of Jose Mourinho’s visit to Stamford Bridge. Squires is consistently the funniest and most original presence of anyone on football, and even on his mediocre weeks he is at least obviously trying, which you can’t say for many of the other football hacks around. He also appears to hold Ed Woodward in a certain degree of contempt, which is always appreciated.

Here’s something in The Telegraph about Juventus’s Champions League curse. They are building a strong, well designed club and team, and have been doing so over the last few years. The defence they put out of Cristiano Ronaldo was at best tone deaf and at worst deeply unpleasant, though, though that will probably not alter the reception that he receives at Old Trafford tonight.

Here’s Martin Samuel in the Daily Mail, which regularly puts out hateful, racist, sexist and bigoted spite in every and any page of its newspaper, complaining that abuse has got too much. It’s striking how much a few hundred grand is enough for him to pretend that he isn’t complicit in the whole business of abuse in football, especially given some of his comments in the past, but it is not surprising.

The Mirror write about how Manchester United could line up against Juventus in the Champions League. They suggest that Paul Pogba will start against his former and preferred club, and that Ander Herrera will play, perhaps they expect Herrera to man-mark Cristiano Ronaldo.

And lastly, Mourinho does not expect to leave United for Real Madrid, who have ballsed up their latest transfer window, and possibly managerial appointment. Instead, Mourinho claims that he wants to sign another deal at Old Trafford, which will give Woodward the shivers. And for that reason, I say give him another three decades.