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Pogba admits good fortune for penalty

Don’t do it anymore, then.

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Manchester United v Everton FC - Premier League
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Marco Silva complained that Anthony Martial had dived for the penalty that he won against Everton. The penalty was eventually converted by Paul Pogba after his run up lasted for three hours, Jordan Pickford saved it, and then Pogba decided to just do his job. Silva can complain all he wants, but his hair is kind of annoying, and there seems to be little justification for it. However, United won the three points, and Idrissa Gueye should have been sent off.

Pogba admitted that he was fortunate to get the goal against Everton considering his look-at-me approach to a penalty, and that he might change it in future. Pogba is an occasionally excellent player, and after Martial he was the best player on the pitch yesterday, but if he just concentrated on doing what he can do well, he’d be much better. His ludicrous flicked pass lost the ball that led to the Chris Smalling foul for the penalty, and the sooner he is sold, let’s be honest, the better.

The Telegraph point out how the changing role of a striker at Manchester United reflects the downfall of the club. Romelu Lukaku is suffering from a lack of service, for one thing. However, his header against Everton was woeful, and betrayed either lack of sharpness or confidence - possibly both. He is now absolutely enormous and while he might enjoy his new frame, so do defenders, who could outpace him by walking on their hands.

Mourinho wasn’t in the mood for any fights yesterday, and said that United were ‘playing OK’. That is about the size of it, but a few wins now could get some momentum going, and if they are closing in on the top four by January, then money is needed to get them over the line. It won’t happen, obviously.