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Paul Mitchell keen on Manchester United job

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Probably not the same Paul Mitchell tbh
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Paul Wilson has written a tribute to Manchester Evening News writer David Meek, who covered the club for decades and died this week aged 88: “Put simply, none of the present generation of sportswriters on the Manchester scene will be able to remember a time when Meek was not part of the Old Trafford furniture.”

Tottenham players are worried that Mauricio Pochettino will do one at the end of the season. They are concerned that with problems with the transfer policy at the club - no signings in the summer - and that the ground might not be ready until 2019, that he will lose patience with Daniel Levy. That is only of interest to Manchester United fans as he is concerned one of the forerunners for the job should Jose Mourinho depart this season. Quite why he’d want to go from one place who find it hard to sign players, to somewhere they only sign players Ed Woodward likes, is not exactly obvious.

Wayne Rooney, whose departure was perhaps Mourinho’s best moment at the club, has said that the players at Old Trafford remain behind the manager. Rooney was one of the more popular players in the dressing room in his time there, so his opinion is probably worth considering here.

Nemanja Matic has explained that Anthony Martial needs more self-confidence - or more precisely more aware of his talents - to make the most of his career. He has been in decent form over the last few weeks, so should he continue to apply himself, Mourinho has shown himself capable of bringing players back into the first team. Given Marcus Rashford, Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku are all struggling, that would be no bad thing.

And lastly, potential director of football Paul Mitchell, at RB Leipzig, has said he is flattered to be linked with United.