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Juventus rule out Paul Pogba return

Check under the sauce

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Manchester United v Newcastle United - Premier League
Paul Pogba
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

There’s an article in the Telegraph written by Paul Hayward which suggests that Manchester United’s job is no longer the appealing prize it once was. Since Jose Mourinho has started operation scorched earth, it has become clear that Ed Woodward is a total clown, and the Glazers are parasites. This was all obvious long ago, but even the most buffoonish and ignorant fans are starting to realise they’ve been sold an absolute crock of ess by the owners, and it will start to cost them.

Mr David Moyes, who delivered some exquisite Community Shield silverware in his only part-season as a United manager, has said that United will give Mourinho time despite his struggles. Given Moyes - who seems a flawed if decent man (something few of us can actually claim to be - didn’t work his way around being at the club, it’s fair to have some doubts over his expertise in this area. It all depends what Woodward thinks he can get away with, and what he actually can get away with.

Michael Essien, a big fan of Mourinho, has suggested that the problem might be with modern players more than with their manager. However, he points out that Mourinho hasnt’ really changed. There are very few managers who can keep up with cultural shifts of players, and even the senior pros these days are soft by historical standards. No wonder they have gone off a bloke who asks them to work hard.

Juventus claim to have ruled out a move to bring back Paul Pogba to the club. They might have to, soon, if Cristiano Ronaldo becomes a busted asset after recent allegations, and he would be happy to get out of United soon. Nevertheless, it looks as if Barcelona are his only real option right now.

And lastly, Nemanja Matic appears to be an injury worry for the game coming up against Chelsea, so that’s one central defender who is out of action. Get warmed up, Scott.