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Jose Mourinho tells players to stay at home if they can’t be effed

Go on, I’ll open the door for you.

Manchester United Training and Press Conference
He does not give a solitary one anymore.
Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has invited his players to stay in their homes if they don’t think they can handle the pressure of Old Trafford.

After another witless 0-0 performance on Saturday, drawing against Crystal Palace, it has become apparent yet again that this is a side lacking gumption and determination.

That of course rests on Mourinho in large part, but it is also the case that the players have failed their last three managers, and there is no sign that Ed Woodward will back anyone in reshaping the squad into one full of players who want to actually reach their potential.

United face Young Boys tonight, and a win would keep Mourinho in his job while Champions League football is sorted, assuming the result between Juventus and Valencia goes in their favour. A draw or a loss would put Champions League knockout football, revenue, and his job in peril. Woodward would clearly allow any internecine struggle to persist for as long as possible because he has no idea about running a club with real leadership.

“I refuse to say that, I think it would be a lack of respect to the stadium and fans to say we prefer to play away from home,” said Mourinho.

“I totally refuse to say that. Do I prefer to play tomorrow against Young Boys here or go to Bern, I would say immediately to play at home. Always.

“If you feel pressure, stay at home, and when I say home I don’t say stadium home, I say home home and watch on TV. When the people come to support, come on. I don’t feel pressure to play at home.”

That’s the message from Mourinho then. Go on, I’ll open the door for you, if you don’t think you can cut it.