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Pogba shocked by Mourinho treatment

Has he not been paying any attention at all?

Manchester United Training Session
Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Paul Pogba has been left shocked at his treatment in the last couple of weeks by Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, according to recent reports.

Pogba was left out of the starting XI against Arsenal and Fulham, with United drawing 2-2 against Arsenal and winning 4-1 against Fulham. That has left United still struggling for the Champions League spots, but a touch steadier than Pogba’s last outing, when United struggled their way to a 2-2 draw at Southampton.

The French international played so beguilingly awfully that day that it appeared to be a deliberately insouciant provocation of the United manager. He was allegedly called a virus by Mourinho in front of the rest of the side afterwards, and has been one of United’s worst players over the course of a hugely disappointing third season with the club.

Pogba is apparently surprised that he has been left out of the action for the most part, despite the falling-out. Quite why he is surprised is another matter, because he has been such a poor performer and shown so little self-awareness that he has barely deserved the time he has been on the pitch.

The World Cup winner reportedly wants a move to Juventus, Real Madrid or Barcelona, either in January or the summer, and a few years ago his potential could have earned him such a move. At 25, when he shows so little gumption against relatively poor opposition, and cannot be trusted above Scott McTominay, it seems unlikely the very best teams would want him.

While Mourinho is open to criticism over his handling of the player, who seems excessively confident in his own genius rather than desperate to prove it, the time has come to cut both from the team. Neither of them have delivered given the expense and reputation they have. Bye.