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Jose Mourinho’s not in a great mood tbh

Less battle fever, more battle desperate unhappiness

Valencia v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League Group H
Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Speaking before Manchester United’s game against Liverpool this weekend, Jose Mourinho has praised Liverpool but added a touch of pressure by saying it means EFF ALL if they don’t actually win anything.

Mourinho said: “I think trophies matter – it matters, especially when you have the potential to fight for trophies and especially when you clearly say the objective is to win the trophy.

“I think sometimes to just say is not very intelligent. But when you have the potential, you have nothing to hide, you know from day one that your potential and your desire has a relation with the potential … To say we want to win, everyone can say that; another thing is to say in a conscious way in relation to the potential you have. But, I don’t read much. I think Jürgen told already they want to win the Premier League.”

Mourinho is also struggling to find enough players to fill his squad. There are problems with injuries to Luke Shaw, Diogo Dalot, Chris Smalling and Matteo Darmian. In midfield, Scott McTominay could be unavailable. In attack, Anthony Martial is a doubt and Alexis Sanchez remains unavailable due to an ongoing hamstring injury that has seen him move to Chile where he offers the same contribution to the side as he had done all season in England.

Mourinho is mildly optimistic, for a change: “I hope that some will be … let’s say available,” he said. “But for sure, some will not be.”

Two players who are expected to be back are David de Gea and Nemanja Matic, and Mourinho explained their absence against Valencia thus: “De Gea has played every minute and needed a mental rest. Matic has played every minute and needed a physical rest.”

Before this though, Mourinho explained just why United in a state, using a metaphor. He waxed residential, saying: “ A football team is not just about spending the money.

“A football team is like a house, too; a house is not just about buying the furniture. You have to do work in the house and when the house is ready, then you buy the furniture, you spend money on the best possible furniture and then you are ready to live in an amazing house.”