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Player Ratings: Southampton 2-2 Manchester United

Rashford was good. Pogba and McTominay were rancid.

Southampton FC v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

A frustrating opening twenty minutes against Southampton showed all the signs of a disappointing loss. Manchester United was sluggish at first, struggling to put shots on goal and lacking in defense. They were able to turn it around and come out with a 2-2 draw. Here’s how each player shaped up.

David De Gea: 7

De Gea allowed two goals this weekend, but there seemed to have been little he could do to prevent them. The defense in front of him struggled and it seemed as though he was on his own in front of the net.

Ashley Young: 6

Ashley Young always makes an impact on the pitch for me. He brings an energy the team often needs and works well wearing the captain’s armband. He did draw a yellow card and will be out the next match.

Phil Jones: 5

Jones failed to provide support to De Gea and was pretty useless on defense when the first Southampton goal was scored.

Scott McTominay: 4

Another start for McTominay, and another mediocre performance. He really looks lost on the pitch lately.

Luke Shaw: 6

Luke Shaw had another solid match providing the defensive support United needed. He left the match during the second half after sustaining an injury. No update has been released on his status.

Marouane Fellaini: 5

Another less than stellar performance from Fellaini. Poor challenges and a lack of production meant that he did very little for the squad this weekend.

Paul Pogba: 3

Does Paul Pogba even want to be on the pitch anymore? I think we all know the answer and what needs to change to see him return back to form. For now, we get a Pogba with no heart behind his game.

Ander Herrera: 8

Herrera flicked in the goal that kept United in the game on a wonderful cross from Marcus Rashford. This goal gave the team the boost they needed but they failed to score another for the win.

Romelu Lukaku: 8

An early shot on goal gave us a taste of what Lukaku had to offer in this match. He broke his long goalless drought and got United back in the match after a two-goal deficit.

Marcus Rashford: 8

Rashford had a hand in both goals scored against Southampton. He played tough and provided the team with the offensive surge they were in desperate need of.

Diogo Dalot (Sub, 72’): 4

After playing against Young Boys earlier in the week, Diogo Dalot made his Premier League debut, replacing an injured Luke Shaw late in the second half. He made little impression, but this was a big step in his career so I’ll give him some points.

Anthony Martial (Sub, 77’): 4

Martial has been who the club has counted on to score goals. He came on as a sub and failed to bring much to the pitch. When the team desperately needed a winning goal, Martial couldn’t deliver. But then again, neither could anyone else.

Jesse Lingard (Sub, 86’): N/A

Came on too late to be rated.