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Jose Mourinho: I’m not going to be the person I’m expected to be anymore

In time for Christmas

Southampton FC v Manchester United - Premier League
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Jose Mourinho has denied that he thinks it will be almost a miracle if Manchester United make it to the top four of the Premier League.

He said at a press conference:

“I don’t know if I say or if I didn’t [we need almost a miracle] but if I used that word it is not what I feel at all,” the United manager said.

“We are like eight points from fourth, something like that, I don’t think we need a miracle at all. We need a good run of results, not waste points we shouldn’t waste.

“Last week before the Crystal Palace game I told my hopes and targets were end of December to be in that position [top four]. The target changed but in the sense let’s try to close the distance as best we can and be very close to these positions.

“I think it is far from a miracle, we just need to not be so unlucky with problems that we have, we need some players to perform better than they are, we need to perform better as a team but far from a miracle.”

“There are six teams that should stay in the first six positions, season after season two of these teams are staying outside the top four. For example, last season it was Arsenal and Chelsea.

“And this season two of these six are going to stay outside. Who is the best team of the six, the team with more potential, less potential, who is the team performing not so well, these will be around the questions and answers. At the end of the season the top six will be done by the six teams we all know have that responsibility to finish in the top six.”

And we can be thankful for him to say enough words to pad out an article.

United face Arsenal tomorrow night at Old Trafford. A win would be no huge surprise, but being absolutely humiliated while Paul Pogba sits on the floor and Mourinho goes entirely nude on the sidelines would not either.

There is barely a chance for a top four finish at this point if Pogba continues to stink up the place, and the same can be said for if Mourinho doesn’t encourage his side to attack.