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Real Madrid plan bid for Paul Pogba

Two years then off.

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Newcastle United v Manchester United - Premier League
There he is!

Romelu Lukaku is planning a return to Anderlecht. He recently returned to visit the club, and said it had always been a plan to feature for them. He was barely involved with the club after moving to Chelsea at 18, before going to West Bromwich Albion and then Everton. Lukaku clearly isn’t planning on leaving any time soon, but nonetheless he has had a disappointing season so far. He needs more chances, but similarly he needs to be more ruthless with those that are given to him.

Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho do not appear to happy with one another at the moment. Mourinho needs more from his man, and Pogba is another disappointment. It’s clear that Pogba is at his best when things are more attacking, but United’s blunt approach and conservative tactics aren’t helping things. Nonetheless, it might be that his agent has stopped an imminent move to Real Madrid.

According to this story, Pogba is nonetheless a big-money target for Real, a team who are never averse to spending hundreds of millions of pounds on superstars in the reasonable hope that it all will basically work in the end.

The pressure grows on Manchester United. While they are a financial powerhouse, Arsenal are going to catch up. Here is their plan: they are going to get some top dollar sponsorship to have some name or other put on their sleeve. It’s exciting times, and not just because we can all discuss in the comments just which brand is most synergistic for any deal United might like to pull off.

The row between Mourinho and Chelsea boss Antonio Conte was one of the funniest things to have happened this season, but trust a comedian to pull off a completely boring stunt when he gave Conte a shirt with Mourinho’s name on. It was hilarious!