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Matteo Darmian linked to Juventus

Back he goes

Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League
Not doing much.
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

This is a bad round-up. It’s the middle of the week and all the news is focused on the game against Sevilla. That means all transfer news will be held back to another day, whether it’s true or not. The best we’ve got from The Mirror is that Matteo Darmian’s partner is counting down until the end of the season. That’s got all the people desperately interested in Darmian just rifling through their brain to come up with some intrigue. Here is the intrigue: United are probably going to sell him in the summer and he probably wants to leave. You are free to nominate me for a Pulitzer now.

This is very exciting. The Daily Mail have taken time off demonising Muslims and people who aren’t straight, and decided that Juventus want Darmian to play at right-back for them next season. Juventus are astute in the transfer market, which suggests Darmian is not as terrible as he appears to be for United. Still, United have got nothing out of him, so someone else might as well have a go.

Jose Mourinho has had a pop at ‘experts’ who criticise defensive football. Mourinho is right to defend his style of football, but probably mistaken with using it without adaptation at United. The defenders are so awful he might be better served by focusing on the attack, where the actually talented players are.

Juan Mata says that United are targeting Champions League success after their problems in the Premier League, which seems both deluded and pointless, but then again it’s nice to see a United player who can actually be bothered to try on the pitch. Good stuff, good stuff.

HOWEVER: Paul Pogba has decided that he wants to try to put things right at United after having a difficult couple of months. Hooray!