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Liverpool fans disgrace themselves yet again

The worst people in the world

Donald Trump In KKK Mask On The Cover Of Der Spiegel
Liverpool fan Donald Trump
Photo Illustration by Omer Messinger/Getty Images

Liverpool fans showed themselves to be the most thoroughly racist in England - even worse than Chelsea fans, can you believe - when they booed and harangued Patrice Evra for having the temerity to have been racially abused by Luis Suarez. A lot of people want to pretend that there’s something special about Liverpool, but these days the only thing that is special about them is their consistent hatred of black people. Remember that next time they paint themselves as especially intelligent or sympathetic. A wretched football club, and what a shame they didn’t go out of business a few years back.

The Daily Mail has player ratings from the match between Manchester United and Chelsea on Sunday, where United ran out 2-1 winners. There’s particular praise for Romelu Lukaku, who scored once and set up the winner, and generally impressed with his all-round play. There’s a threatening player in there, if he can find confidence and consistency. He’s certainly been an upgrade from Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but there’s more to expect yet.

There’s an extended riff on Scott McTominay in The Independent after another showing where he didn’t do a great deal, but didn’t panic with it either. If he can continue to learn and improve then he has the mindset to make him worth retaining, but as he is keen to play for Scotland, not England, it’s fair to assume his ambitions might be very limited.

After dismantling the previously bald Antonio Conte with reminders of his match-fixing ban, lack of hair and general nothingness, Jose Mourinho enjoyed his 2-1 win over Chelsea. He declared the feud over between the two managers, and there was even time for a bit of a joke on the sidelines between the two. Now, all he needs to do is ask Pep Guardiola about his support for anti-semitism and human rights abuses, and he will be our finest manager yet.