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Manchester United target Antoine Griezmann returns to France after being booed by Atletico fans

Gone fishin’

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Atletico Madrid v Valencia - La Liga
Antoine Griezmann
Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Manchester United target Antoine Griezmann has done one back to France after being booed by supporters of his current side, Atletico Madrid. He failed to move on in the winter, and rumours of a move to Barcelona have dampened down following their purchase of Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool. Unless United get rid of Romelu Lukaku then it is hard to see where Griezmann would fit in at United after they got hold of Alexis Sanchez, but Ed Woodward does like spending billions on attackers and leaving Phil Jones and Chris Smalling alone.

Following his move from Arsenal, Sanchez is putting in extra training at Carrington to make up for his lack of fitness after a semi-holiday with Arsenal for the first half of the season. That might be something that players like Luke Shaw and Paul Pogba might like to consider, given some of the performances they’ve been putting in - or not putting in - this season.

Sanchez’s presence and expected improvement might help United, as Mourinho expects him to complete United’s attack. Certainly, defence and central midfield need more help, with no decent fit and consistent defender, and few options beyond Pogba and Nemanja Matic.

United executives are going to meet with fans after they complained about Jose Mourinho’s criticism about the lack of encouragement from the crowd. Quite why fans think that the Glazers will care even a little bit about people who gladly turn up to be treated like chumps, and who pay for the privilege no less, is unclear.

And lastly, there is a long read on The Independent website about the passage United have made from the Munich disaster to the club they have become. It’s always worth remembering Munich given the success that followed, and the exploitation we have in its place now.