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Manchester United will offer Luke Shaw a new contract

Jose Mourinho is “really happy” with the left-back’s evolution

Manchester United v Huddersfield Town - Premier League Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Everybody loves a good redemption story. Just a few months ago, it looked certain that Luke Shaw’s Manchester United career was coming to an ignominious close. He was injured, again, and apparently out of his manager’s favour. But since then he’s returned to the first team, looked pretty decent, and most importantly managed to maintain his fitness. So what happens now? A new contract, that’s what.

At least, that’s what Jose Mourinho reckons. Speaking at his press conference today, United’s manager was effusive in his praise:

For a few months now, he’s free of these minor injuries that sometimes stop evolution. I’m really happy. I think the natural consequence is he will have his contract and he’ll be a Manchester United player for years.

Well, moderately effusive. Effusish? No, probably not.

Anyway, this seems a positive development all round. Left-back has been a bit of a problem position for United since the departure of Patrice Evra, and if Shaw starts to live up to his hefty price-tag, and the flashes of excellence he’s shown between his injuries, then that could be problem solved. Best of luck to him.