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Manchester United hold off on expanding Old Trafford to buy players

Jose Mourinho is going to get magic beans.

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FYF 2017 - Day 3
Iggy Pop has nothing to do with the text below.
Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for FYF

Manchester United had been planning to add around 10,000 seats to Old Trafford, but they are apparently shelving those plans in order to give more money to Jose Mourinho in the summer. While that is entirely possible, a cynic would say that this is a magical opportunity for the Glazer family to sell the naming rights to the ground. This might be more sceptical than the facts demand, but on the other hand, it seems an absolutely reasonable thing to consider given how awfully the Glazers and Ed Woodward behave. On the other hand, football is so utterly broken, there’s no point caring anymore, about anything. Good afternoon!

Gary Neville used to take business calls in the shower to keep Alex Ferguson out of the loop with his financial dealings. Given Neville could have just cut Ferguson in, or taken the calls in the 21 hours of the day he was’t at training, oh my God I’ve bored myself with this story. There’s nothing of interest going on in football, or anything else. Good afternoon!

Premier League teams are reacting with their usual patience and common sense by suggesting that VAR is binned as soon as possible. Given it’s been used in about three games so far, there’s potential for it to be fixed in the next few seasons for a huge benefit in the long run. Nonetheless, nobody seems to care about this, or anything else. Good afternoon!

Pep Guardiola takes money in order to endorse a World Cup built on antisemitism, homophobia, racism, human rights abuse, torture and all kinds of horrors. There we go then, that’s where we’re at with football and the rest of the world. Nothing will happen as a result of this. Suffering and oppression will continue, and Guardiola will be celebrated forever despite his transparent shilling. Good afternoon!