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Alexis Sanchez to retire in Chile

Probably not yet.

Manchester United v Sevilla FC  - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Sometimes, you remember where you were when you heard a story. When World War Two broke out, for example. When World War Two ended. When World War Three breaks out in the next three months due to cack-handed clowns in charge. More personally, you remember the personal things. When your parents die, when you hear of tragedies, all kinds of momentous activities stick with you, not just the event itself but the surroundings at the time. The smell of the room, the weather - anything. This is another of those moments: The Mirror have pictures of Jose Mourinho smiling while he is in a car on the way to work.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has said that he plans to - possibly - attend the World Cup with the Swedish national team. It’s promising for United in that it means that he might be fit for the remaining games this season, and they definitely need something new in attack. United are struggling to inspire up front and it’s all getting a little bit tedious.

Promising news for Alexis Sanchez - he is already planning his escape from United. That is a very disingenuous take on what is a fairly benign story, but I’m not one to turn down the chance of some padding in a blog. Sanchez wants to play in Chile again before he retires. Let’s hope that isn’t for a few years yet, because we’ve wanged £500,000 a week on him to do not that much so far.

Roy Keane has had enough of being his usual, happy self, and has described Paul Pogba as being like a schoolboy. His criticism is justified, and it’s a depressing old thing. Pogba could be the next best player in the world, and he’s letting the chance slip through his fingers. Not many people get the chance to waste such enormous talent.