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Manchester United to miss out on Jonny Evans

Fair enough, then.

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AFC Bournemouth v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League
Not for me, tbh.
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There are worries that Wolverhampton Wanderers have an unfair advantage over a possibly incestuous relationship between an agent, Jorge Mendes, and Wolves’ owners, a Chinese company called Fosun. Manchester United are one of the clubs who are raising objections to the relationship, claiming it gives the Championship club an unfair advantage over other clubs. It would be a shame for United and other clubs in the big six if they could no longer have the exclusively privileged relationships with agents in the top flight. This is self-evidently not a case of morality but simply trying to keep other clubs down. They may be in the right, but that is a mere accident of fate.

An old article in the Guardian here, where Jonathan Wilson discusses United’s victory over Manchester City in last week’s derby. It might be old news, but it’s still a pleasant chance to mock Pep Guardiola and his merry band of petrodollars.

Jonny Evans is holding out for a move to Manchester City in the summer. Arsenal are set to lose out, but another club who might be effed off with with Evans’ choice is United, who apparently retain an interest in the Northern Irish defender. He is apparently available for £3m in the summer, which makes him more interesting. As a vaguely competent reserve that’s a bargain, but not as a first-team performer for a side that actually wants to win something.

In pretty exhilarating news, United players had some loud music on after they beat City, which is being framed as a mark of vengeance after the City players did something similar when they won at Old Trafford. You would imagine neither set of players really care anymore about earlier in the year, but everyone can enjoy pettiness of this kind.

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