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Marouane Fellaini expects to leave Manchester United


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AFC Bournemouth v Manchester United - Premier League
Both off?

Chelsea’s sale has been pinned on Jose Mourinho over the last year, given he also sold Kevin De Bruyne. It fits in with the idea that he’s an effer and a clown on his way down in the world of football. Mourinho, however, insists that it was Chelsea who were responsible for selling the player. There’s been a lot of guff talked about this, for both players. Yes, both are now brilliant. But no, it wasn’t obviously going to turn out like that when Chelsea and Mourinho had them under their control. Selling them got them decent money, and it’s not like they failed to win any trophies since their sale.

Paul Pogba has complained that he is judged by different standards compared to other midfielders. There are two thing about this - one, that you can’t deny he gets vaguely and occasionally openly racist criticism given his lifestyle. Two, he has so much more talent than any other player in his position, and so people rightly expect a great deal more from him than others.

Exciting times for Manchester United players. United’s players used cars and drove themselves to work. It’s a pretty damning indictment of this group of mercenaries, using money to cynically buy or rent cars, while also using the assets at their disposal to fill the cars with petrol. When will this vile, sick filth end?

Mourinho has said that now he has moved onto a different stage of his career, when there’s less nonsense about what he does on the pitch, he would be prepared to be friends with Arsene Wenger. After all that has gone before it would make sense if Wenger simply had no interest in dealing with Mourinho ever again but be happy for it.

And lastly, Marouane Fellaini still expects to leave United.