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Manchester City get riled by phlegm-gate

What a weird club

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Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League
Él escupió
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Ander Herrera quite clearly seemed to have gobbed on Manchester City’s crest as he left the pitch at half-time during the 3-2 win at the Etihad. That appears entirely in keeping with Herrera, who is mainly a snide, hackle-raising gob-ess who would be even more enjoyable if he was a decent footballer at the same time. Despite that, he was enjoyably effective against City with his noxious carry-on, reducing the game to a petty argument for much of the last half hour, which suited United pretty well. Of course, he denies that he meant to do it, and City may yet make a formal complaint. For God’s sake.

Was that spitting incident the thing that fired up United at half-time? No, this was, apparently.

There’s also dissent that Ashley Young should have been sent off for his tackle on Sergio Aguero. There’s been some misinformation and deliberate obfuscation here. Young wasn’t in control, and he fair launched himself at Aguero, so he should have gone, but let’s not pretend that it looks far worse because he got the ball, and it freakishly bounced his studs up into Aguero. Aguero is fine, too, and is used to these kind of tackles as they are the kind he regularly makes on David Luiz.

Jose Mourinho doesn’t seem fussed about Pep Guardiola claiming he was offered Paul Pogba in the winter transfer window. It’s probably sensible to keep vengeance in his pocket until the title is up for grabs again, but perhaps more sensibly he’s just going to let Mino Raiola to exact his revenge for breaking confidences.

Apparently Liverpool are going to make a three-year contract offer for Marouane Fellaini. I cannot imagine a player that United would rather give to Liverpool than Fellaini. Please, have at him if that’s what you think is going to sort out your problems.