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Gary Neville wants Mauricio Pochettino to succeed Jose Mourinho

He also wants to build lots of luxury flats.

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HUD Secretary Ben Carson Proposes Rent Increase For Those Living In Federal Subsidized Housing
We all live in a Gary Neville duplex
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Manchester United anticipate no major problems when they get the results of a scan on Romelu Lukaku’s ankle. He had to leave the game to be substituted against Arsenal when he felt unable to continue, but Jose Mourinho wasn’t overly worried after the game. It appears that United’s medical team aren’t worried either, but while nothing should be thought certain, the fact that the FA Cup final isn’t for a couple of weeks yet means there are no great concerns.

In The Telegraph, there is praise for Marouane Fellaini. The comparison drawn is that while neither Mourinho nor Fellaini approach the game by producing it at its most beautiful, their direct tactics and happiness to do things in an ugly way nonetheless gets results. That’s a pitiful situation for United to be in, and unless things change rapidly next season, you would imagine that Mourinho will be on his way to Paris Saint-Germain or to take over the Portugal side, pretty quickly.

Property developer Gary Neville wants Mauricio Pochettino to replace Mourinho, when the time does come. It would be nice if Pochettino could actually win something with a team before he does take over at Old Trafford, given there are successful alternatives abroad. However, he does at least get his full-backs to run forward, which marks a major break from Mourinho.

Ashley Young has described just where United went wrong in their attempt at winning the title. With the best will in the world, life is too short to read that, but you may value your time on Earth differently, and I want you to have the choice to choose your destiny. Now, do you want to become a world famous brain surgeon or intellectual, or do you want to read about Ashley Young’s thoughts on football? We both know the answer - the article is here.