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Michael Carrick considered for Manchester United’s number two role

Certainly has the whiff of that

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Off Court At The 2018 Australian Open
He invented the piano key necktie.
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Michael Carrick set up Marcus Rashford’s goal against Watford for Manchester United’s last win of the season, and last game of the season, BEFORE THE FA CUP final. Romelu Lukaku missed another game with injury, which means we are now permitted to start literally soiling ourselves at the prospect of playing Chelsea without him in a week’s time.

The second greatest living Portuguese is leaving Manchester United. Jose Mourinho’s friend and brother, Rui Faria, is stepping down at the end of the season. It seems that Faria is going to be appointed to Benfica in time for the start of the next season. That means there’s a chance to appoint Eric Cantona as Mourinho’s new number two. Or Roy Keane, while Alex Ferguson isn’t watching.

There’s concerning news that Carrick could become United’s number two. As nice as his passing can be, it’s bizarre that a player who has learned absolutely nothing for a decade can be considered for such an important role, but there we go. I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS.

Arsenal are ahead of Liverpool and Manchester United in the race for Nice’s Jean-Michael Seri. Arsenal’s new head of football relations - whatever that means - is friends with Seri’s agent, meaning that they will be able to better usurp whatever United, Arsenal and Manchester City might offer him. He’s available for £35m in the summer, which at 26 is reasonably affordable.

Paul Pogba wants to be the boss on and off the pitch for France at the World Cup. If he decides to raise his game, then he could be the difference between a diffident French national side and one that can get close to triumph, if not winning the whole thing. However, with Pogba, it’s unpredictable what he’s going to produce on the pitch.