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World Cup 2018: Day 4 at the Busby Babe

The football just keeps on coming, and the two favourites are up today.

Brazil Training and Press Conference Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

After yesterday’s ridiculous four-game feast, today we’re back down to a slightly more restrained three. But it’s a big day regardless: the two favourites for the tournament, Brazil and Germany, are making their entrances. Before that, we’ve Costa Rica against Serbia to get things going. Can Los Ticos repeat their amazing 2014, and make it through to the knockouts?

Costa Rica vs. Serbia

Time: 16:00 in Samara, which works out as 13:00 in the UK, 08:00 on the east coast of the USA, and a bright and breezy 05:00 over on the west.

How to watch: ITV1 in the UK, Telemundo or FOX in the US, and livesoccertv for the rest of you.

How to watch online: ITV Player in the UK, or Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

Germany vs. Mexico

Time: 18:00 in Moscow, 16:00 in the UK, 11:00 on the east coast, and 08:00 on the west.

How to watch: BBC One in the UK, FOX Sports 1 or Telemundo in the USA, and livesoccertv for the rest of you.

How to watch online: BBC iPlayer in the UK, Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

Brazil vs. Switzerland

Time: 19:00 in the UK, 14:00 on the east coast, and 11:00 on the west.

How to watch: Back to ITV1 in the UK, while viewers in the USA have a choice between NBCSN, Fox Sports 1, and Telemundo. The rest of you, you know the drill.

How to watch online: ITV Player in the UK, or Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

Manchester United points of interest

Not much going on between United and Costa Rica, but Serbia can boast one current United player in Nemanja Matić, one persistent transfer rumour in Sergej Milinković-Savić, and one bought-then-unbought mystery in Adem Ljajić. Present, future, and past, all neatly wrapped up.

In the second game, there’s a chance to see former United hero and permanent joyful presence Javier Hernández. Which peculiar body part will he score with this time? Nothing much on the German side, however, unless you’ve decided that those Jérôme Boateng rumours are going to come to pass.

Finally, there could be chance to see new United signing Fred when Brazil take on Switzerland. Though we note that the deal is at ‘agreed’, which seems to be not quite as sure a thing as ‘totally completed look there he is with the other Fred the Red’. Worrying? Dunno.

Anyway, he might not start, since Brazil’s midfield is a crowded place and there have been stories that he’s not fully fit. But maybe he’ll get on a sub. Or we’ll get a shot of him looking determined and useful on the bench. It’s more than we’ll be getting from the Swiss. And if Neymar plays well, we can look forward to another round of transfer rumours. Hooray!

This is our live thread for the day. Join us in the comments below!