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World Cup 2018: Day 8 at the Busby Babe

Allez les Pogbas! Allez les Pogbas!

Argentina v Iceland: Group D - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Gabriel Rossi/Getty Images

Big day. Big day. If yesterday was a tense, close affair, today should be a little more expansive. In France and Argentina we’ve got two of the big boys on show, along with Croatia, a genuine dark horse. Most excitingly, Peru, and their kit. It has a sash on it. Oh, how tBB loves a sash. Look into it, United.

Denmark vs. Australia

Time: 16:00 in Samara, which works out as 13:00 in the UK, 08:00 on the east coast of the USA, and 05:00 over on the west. Good morning!

How to watch: You’ll need ITV 1 in the UK, Fox Sports 1 or Telemundo in the USA, and livesoccer for everywhere else.

How to watch online: ITV Player in the UK, and Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

France vs. Peru

Time: 20:00 in Yekaterinburg, which means 16:00 in the UK, 11:00 on the east coast, and 08:00 on the west. Come on, wakey wakey, there’s two games to go yet.

How to watch: Stick with ITV 1 in the UK, and switch to FOX or stick with Telemundo in the USA. Everybody else: here.

How to watch online: ITV Player in the UK, and Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

Argentina vs. Croatia

Time: The last game kicks off at 21:00 in Nizhny Novgorod, which is 19:00 in the UK, 14:00 on the east coast, and 11:00 on the west.

Time zones, right? Can’t we just do away with them? Sure, going to bed at 1 in the afternoon might sound weird for a bit, but you’d get used to it.

How to watch: BBC One in the UK, FOX or Telemundo in the USA, and here.

How to watch online: BBC iPlayer in the UK, and Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

Manchester United points of interest

Not much in the first game, unless you’re particularly interested in how Peter Schmeichel’s son gets on. But it should be an interesting game: Australia were unlucky to lose their opener against France, while Denmark weathered an awful lot of pretty play from Peru before eventually nicking a win. The upshot is that Australia almost certainly need a victory, which Denmark can afford to sit and wait again. Poised.

The return of France in game two means a return for everybody’s favourite pastime: arguing about whether Paul Pogba is playing badly, and if so whose fault that might be. For this aspect of tBB’s money, Pogba had a decent game against Australia, in a moderately dysfunctional team. The rumours are that Didier Deschamps will seek to unleash his midfield star by, er, bringing in Blaise Matuidi to play on the wing.

You have to wonder what sins Pogba committed in a past life, to find himself playing for both Deschamps and Mourinho.

Finally, Marcos Rojo may or may not be given a run out against Croatia. We’re really excited about this game either way: Argentina probably need to win, and Croatia’s midfield is exactly the right kind of brilliant to make it interesting. No, more than interesting. Intriguing. Maybe even exciting. What a thing that would be.

This will be our livethread for the day, so come and join us in the comments below!