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World Cup 2018: Day 15 at The Busby Babe

Further investigations into whether football is coming home.

England v Panama: Group G - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

Extremely upsetting fact: once the group stage of a 32-team World Cup ends, we have already had three-quarters of all the games we’re going to get. 48 down; just 16 to go. It’s basically already over. Still, at least the final day should be a good one. Group H in particular. What a glorious mess it all is. And then: more England!

Senegal vs. Colombia

Time: 18:00 in Samara, which gives you 15:00 in the UK, 10:00 on the east coast of the USA, and 07:00 over on the west. Stop yawning. James Rodriguez is on television.

How to watch: BBC One in the UK, Telemundo or FOX in the USA, and livesoccer for all the international info.

How to watch online: BBC iPlayer in the UK, and Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

Japan vs. Poland

Time: 17:00 in Volgograd, which is simultaneous with Senegal-Colombia everywhere else.

How to watch: BBC Two in the UK, Telemundo/FOX in the USA, and you know the drill by now.

How to watch online: BBC iPlayer in the UK, and Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

England vs. Belgium

Time: 20:00 in Kaliningrad, 19:00 in the UK, 14:00 on the east coast, and 11:00 over on the west.

How to watch: You’ll need ITV1 in the UK, and FOX, Telemundo, or NBCSN in the USA. Everybody else, click.

How to watch online: The ITV Hub in the UK, which sounds very grand, and Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

Panama vs. Tunisia

Time: 21:00 in Saransk; the same as above everywhere else.

How to watch: ITV4 in the UK, Fox Sports 1 in the USA, and ... click!

How to watch online: The ITV Hub, or Telemundo’s stream, according to Atlantic distribution.

Manchester United points of interest

The early fixtures come with two healthy doses of what might have been. Colombia’s attack will be led by their iconic, brilliant striker Falcao, who you may remember being completely rubbish for United once upon a time. Elsewhere, Japan’s attack will be orchestrated by their stringpuller-in-chief Shinji Kagawa, who you may remember etc., and so on. Both might take their countries through to the last 16. It’s a funny old game.

Then, England vs. Belgium. It should have been the main event, but results elsewhere (and the feebleness of Tunisia and Panama) has set up a weird playoff that neither side would particularly mind losing. As such, there will be changes. United’s Romelu Lukaku will probably miss the game with a knock, but Marouane Fellaini — two! more! years! two! more! years! — might get a start in midfield.

On the English side of things, Jesse Lingard and Ashley Young may get the evening off, but Marcus Rashford could get the chance to persuade Gareth Southgate that he should be starting ahead of Raheem Sterling. Also, Phil Jones. Phil Jones. What a wonderful day it could be.

This will be our livethread for the day, so stick around and chat with us.