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World Cup 2018: Day 18 at The Busby Babe

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Spain will be hoping to eliminate hosts Russia on day two of knockout round action.

Spain v Morocco: Group B - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

It’s day two of World Cup round of 16 action, and if today’s games are anything like yesterday’s, we’re in for a treat.

Spain vs. Russia

Time: 17:00 in Moscow, which gives you 15:00 in the UK, 10:00 on the east coast of the USA, and 07:00 over on the west. Rise and shine!

How to watch: BBC One in the UK, Telemundo or FOX in the USA, and livesoccertv for all the international info.

How to watch online: BBC iPlayer in the UK, and Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

Croatia vs. Denmark

Time: 21:00 in Nizhny Novgorod, 19:00 in the UK, 14:00 on the east coast, and 11:00 over on the west.

How to watch: You’ll need ITV1 in the UK, and FOX or Telemundo in the USA. Everybody else, click.

How to watch online: The ITV Hub in the UK, and Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

Manchester United points of interest

With Ander Herrera and Juan Mata having both been left out, David de Gea is our only dog in the day’s first fight. However, it’s always a shame when the host has to leave their own party, so we’re hoping for a close and competitive game.

We’ve not got any emotional ties to either Croatia or Denmark, so we can sit back and watch as neutrals. Keep an eye on Ivan Perišić, who is now eligible for the Wesley Sneijder Award For Longest Running United Transfer Rumour (hat-tip to reigning champion Nicolás Gaitán).

This will be our live thread for the day, so stick around and chat with us.