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The World Cup Final 2018 at The Busby Babe

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Pogba and France are one win away.

Belgium v France: Semi Final - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

It’s the big one folks. After nearly a month of one of the most exciting tournaments any of us have ever seen, the World Cup final is here. On one side, France - the deepest and most talented team on the planet. On the other, the battle-hardened underdogs of Croatia, armed with the world’s best midfielder in Luka Modrić.

France vs. Croatia

Time: 18:00 in Moscow, 16:00 in the UK, 11:00 on the east coast, and a bright and early 8:00 over on the west.

How to watch: Check out ITV 1 or BBC One in the UK, and Telemundo or FOX in the USA. Everyone else, click here.

How to watch online: BBC iPlayer in the UK, and Telemundo’s stream in the USA.

Manchester United points of interest

This one’s all about Paul Pogba, unless you’re scouting last year’s transfer target Ivan Perišić. Pogba has been impressive at the heart of France’s midfield, putting in disciplined, controlled performances in a deeper role than he’s used to. Will the United academy graduate report for pre-season training as a world champion?

This will be our live thread for the day, so stick around and chat with us.