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Should Manchester United be interested in signing Hirving “Chucky” Lozano?

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United have been linked with the young Mexico star.

Germany v Mexico: Group F - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Hirving “Chucky” Lozano has recently been linked with a move to Manchester United, and, again, we’re taking a look at how this transfer would actually influence things at United. So, let’s talk football.


The Mexican international has many qualities to his name, but the most influential for his style of play is his pace, his finishing, and his vision. Lozano is a speedy winger that likes to dribble often. He can beat the back line with ease and create space for himself and others with his runs in behind. Once he creates the space, he is actually quite skilled at seeing the field around him and making a good decision of whether to take on his defender or send the ball into the box. Along with this, if Lozano gets relatively anywhere near the box, the opportunity for goals is there. Lozano proved his goal scoring ability in the Eredivisie last term with PSV, but also showcased his skill with his national team in the World Cup. Overall, Lozano can really do anything you would want from a modern winger. He’s quick, good dribbler, careful playmaker, and clinical finisher. Oh, and he’s also only 22 years-old.


Lozano’s biggest weakness probably comes from his youth, in my opinion. Although we have seen times where Lozano can be patient in the box or around the by-line, he sometimes lacks the experience to know when to play the ball back and consider an attack to be done. This may come with more experience, but instead of maintaining possession, he can get greedy and either take on his defender in a poor area or cross when no one is around. He also has a tendency to get booked more than the average winger, so I can imagine in a more physical league, like the Premier League, Lozano may find himself in foul trouble often. The last weakness may not be seen as a weakness to some, but Lozano rarely contributes to the defensive side of play. Some may argue that because he is a winger, this should not be a factor, and I agree, but we all know that José Mourinho loves a good winger who is willing to track back every once in a while.

Does United need a player like this?

Lozano typically plays on the right wing and seems to thrive there. United have long needed a true winger on the right side in order to have a balanced attack and Lozano could be the answer to that problem. Although this isn’t likely, the thought of having Martial on the left and Lozano on the right is the type of thing that dreams are made of. Two pacey wingers who can beat their man and are both clinical in the box? And both in their early twenties? That seems like a long-term recipe for success to me. However, Mourinho most likely has other plans in mind. The short of it is yes, United are desperate for a true right-wing to come and balance their attack and Lozano would be a fine addition to a squad needing someone of his quality.

The Final Rating

Overall, this transfer would get a 9 out of 10 for me. If the transfer for Lozano actually happened, I think it would change the way United attack in games. Having a true winger who could really stretch a back line is something that United have no had in quite some time. Playing the likes of Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard on the right does not solve the problem either because they are both naturally attacking midfielders, so they drift inside far more often than they should. Lozano would pair nicely with Valencia on the right side and would tear teams apart with their overlapping play.

Even though I think that this transfer is a slam dunk, Mourinho probably passes given that he seems to be looking for finished products and he likes his whole team to play defensively. Lozano meets neither of those requirements, but would still be a huge addition to a weak side of attackers and having any sort of true right wing would help the attack immensely.