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Barcelona and Paul Pogba refuse to rule out transfer

Is he off, then?

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Manchester United v Leicester City - Premier League
The airport is that way.
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

After the weekend’s football, you can read about Manchester United’s chances this season. The Guardian have produced a season preview for each of the teams in the Premier League, and this one is for United. The season could be fine - better than fine, really - if Jose Mourinho is willing to trust his attack to compensate for a truly dreadful defence. Last season it didn’t seem to get the balance right at all, and put United at a disadvantage against both the bigger and smaller teams. Looking at the awful result against Sevilla, it is hard to see how things can get worse.

Absolutely ludicrous guff on Marcelo Bielsa, and how he has provided a template for Mourinho. Let’s just remember for a second that all Bielsa does is drive his players into the ground in his first season, and if they are still tolerating him in the second, they fall apart exhausted and fractious. Bielsa has not won anything in two decades, and the reverence shown towards him is just bizarre.

Barcelona have refused to rule out doing more business before the end of their transfer window, which means there is still a chance that they will come back in for United’s midfielder Paul Pogba. It seems unlikely that they have the cash to purchase him outright in the next couple of weeks, and they can’t send any players the other way as part of the deal now, so that seems unlikely. See you all again in January for round two, then.

Pogba himself has also refused to rule out a move abroad. It all feels like there is one more season of this guff and then he’s off, unless this is just a carry-on to get him on parity with Alexis Sanchez’s wages.

And lastly, James Wilson has done one to Aberdeen for a year.