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Paul Pogba wants to join Barcelona and leave Manchester United clownshow behind

Fair enough

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2016 William Hill PDC World Darts Championships - Day Eleven
Ed, is that you?
Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Everton has denied claims from Manchester United that Yerry Mina’s deal was unattractive to them because Barcelona’s agent wanted too high a fee. At this point, it is now clear that Ed Woodward was going to refuse to buy anyone at all in defence, because he has decided - for whatever reason - to knacker the season before it even starts. Eric Bailly and Victor Lindelof weren’t absolutely dreadful against Leicester, but there were obvious and familiar weaknesses. It’s hard to work out where this all ends apart from Jose Mourinho walking and United repeating the same half-arsed process.

Football appears to have died completely. There is a story here about Amazon’s show on Manchester City showing City fans chanting about Mourinho’s defensive nature. Yes, fair enough for the fans - they had won, after all. But why on earth is this documentary being produced? It is gut-wrenchingly piddling, and the worst thing is every club will be at it soon, especially if Woodward realises how many hits it will get him on Instagram.

Paul Pogba has taken stock of United’s current clownshow and decided that he is above wasting any more of his life on it. Even if he and Mourinho can get back to being mates, he has decided that he wants to leave for Barcelona. Who can blame him, especially when you see the state the club is in. He was still largely rubbish for two seasons, though.

According to this story, Pogba told Mourinho that he has to go through his agent if he wants to talk to him anymore. Well, this is a soaraway success, and I cannot wait for more of this season to come. It seems set up for glory.

It could be worse, though, we could all support Luton Town, whose fans appear committed to full racism.