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Manchester United announce release of new 2018/19 away kit

In a rare bit of good news, it’s quite nice

Manchester United have released as many new kits this season as they’ve won points in the Premier League. What a shambles. On the bright side, while the home kit divides opinions, adidas did nice work with the away kit, and now seems have repeated the trick with the away kit.

It’s a beauty.

The sleek pink away kit goes on sale September 13th online and in stores, and will likely make its debut when United drop points away to Burnley on Sunday. There’s a non-zero chance that the players quit on the manager in an effort to get him sacked and suffer another embarrassing loss, but damn it, they are going to look good while they do it.

What are your thoughts, readers? Are we fans of the new kit? Rushing out to get a (hopefully very limited edition) “LINDELOF 2” print? Too depressed after yesterday to think about another bloody kit right now? Let us know in the comments.