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José Mourinho is “one of the best managers in the world,” says José Mourinho

United’s manager served up a reminder on Friday.

“Put some respek on my name.” - Manager of Manchester United Football Club

Continuing a recent theme of pushing back against what he feels to be disrespect from the football media, José Mourinho has again defended his record in the game. Speaking at his press conference before Manchester United’s match away at Burnley on Sunday, the Reds manager once again came out swinging.

“I am the manager of one of the greatest clubs in the world but I am also one of the greatest managers in the world.”

Mourinho bristled as some of the questions presented to him by journalists about him being under pressure, and reminded the press conference attendees that he has won 8 league titles as manager, and is the only manager in history to win in England, Italy, and Spain. This, after walking out on a press conference after the loss to Brighton demanding “respect,” then again getting heated and cutting his pre-Spurs loss preference short.

Mourinho is showing worrying signs of Third Season Mourinho Syndrome, but at least he is no longer throwing his players under the bus, refusing to single any individuals out for criticism, and going as far to laud them for their performance and their spirit, despite the lopsided result.

Mourinho also went out of his way to praise the fans again, after staying behind on the pitch on Monday to applaud the supporters in the Stretford End for an extended period.

“Normally when I win, I’m the first one to leave, but after a defeat at home, an important defeat at home, I had to go to the pitch to see the reaction. I felt really humbled and the team felt really supported and probably because of that, this week was not a difficult week at all. It was a week when people were positive. People were convinced that we deserved much more than what we got on Monday. That is why people are positive, even though we know that we have another very difficult match this weekend.”

Many United fans reared on the spikiness of Sir Alex Ferguson with the media will find this version of Mourinho pleasing. It’s just a shame that — so far — Mourinho doesn’t have the results to back it up.