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Bullfighting in Tijuana
Your guess as a good as mine.

It appears that Alex Ferguson was interested in signing Chelsea’s 17 year old Ethan Ampadu from Exeter City a few years ago. However, his interest came just as he was retiring from the club and it allowed Chelsea to get in ahead of them. This is, of course, just another example of how Ferguson tried to screw United as he prepared for his exit. Thanks for David Moyes, Ferguson. Thanks for the Glazers, Ferguson. Thanks for the millions in debt and Ed Woodward. It is remarkable that he has got away with everything because nobody wants to see it.

Manchester City continue to cook the books with their accounting and juiced-up sponsorship deals to beat Financial Fair Play regulations. While it is clear that there is nothing reasonable about the way the FFP rules are being negotiated, it doesn’t matter - people should be able to run clubs at a loss if they can afford to, and City’s owners can. The charade is a waste of everyone’s time. The reason City’s ownership is a problem is because it is funded by indentured servitude, anti-semitism, and all other kinds of human rights abuses. City are there to provide soft power and the laundering of reputations, and it is sickening and no surprise.

The headline in this is so perplexing that I just have to include it here to say one thing before giving in completely. I am really old, I am almost compost, and the world has turned and left me. “Who are the YouTubers signing Liverpool’s Brewster to their agency?”


Gareth Southgate believes that Marcus Rashford is ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo in his development. That’s correct. Ronaldo was clearly special, but it was sheer hard work that made him palpably better than Lionel Messi for years at a time.