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Patrice Evra takes a dump in Gerard Pique’s shoes

It’s more fun than the Wolves result

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Juventus v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Final
Mind how you go.
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Paul Pogba has decided to essentially criticise Jose Mourinho by saying after the game against Wolves that they should ‘attack, attack, attack’ during home games. United are often ponderous going forward, and the idea that United are stronger going forward than they are at the back, and so should play with that in mind, is a sound one. However, the problem on Saturday was that Pogba - again - was dicking around on the ball when he should have been concentrating on the not giving the ball away and passing it to someone ahead of him. It’s a constant theme in his play for United, and it’s particularly dull when it costs the club points. It’s worth noting after all his complaining about tactics he doesn’t admit that he should be so conspicuously brainless himself. It’ll be good when he goes.

Alexis Sanchez is going from one poor performance to another at the moment. He plays like a man who does not especially want to be playing football at all these days. He doesn’t look tired, he just looks not very good at the game. So, the issue must be mental more than physical, and with the club in a huge funk of its own, that is no surprise. There needs to be more attacking play going on and there needs to be more investment, but it does seem as if Mourinho is not going to be man to turn things around.

Patrice Evra has been on a talk show discussing his time at Manchester United, and it’s fair to say that he has gone a little too far with the detail this time. After having some ‘banter’ with Gerard Pique, he decided that the best way to exact revenge on his young teammate would be to take a dump in his shoes. Yes, he decided to let rip with a fecal riposte. Where do we go from here but nowhere?

After watching the poor performance of Antonio Valencia at the weekend, a man who has been nothing but professional for Manchester United for years, it is time to consider whether giving Diogo Dalot more of a run at right-back is the sensible course of action for the club. Dalot has to be given game time to improve, and with the league completely out of reach already it is time to make sure that the club is moving forward in some ways, because it isn’t happening with some of the deadwood taking wages at the moment.

And lastly, Mourinho has fairly and reasonably criticised the United players for their lack of effort and focus against Wolves on Saturday. As said, time is probably up for him, but this is now three managers in a row who have failed to properly pull their weight and there is no indication that things will change for the new manager. This is a club that gives players the manager doesn’t want new contracts, and goes out of their way not to buy the players he does want. So what’s the point in expecting anything different?