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José Mourinho staged Paul Pogba argument, journalist claims

One French journalist claims José Mourinho knew exactly what he was doing.

Sevilla FC v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: First Leg Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

By now you’ve probably all seen it. Footage caught by Sky Sports cameras at training today shows José Mourinho muttering something to Paul Pogba, something to which the Frenchman doesn’t take kindly. It remains unclear exactly what was said, but it’s safe to imagine it wasn’t complimentary. However, one French journalist claims Mourinho knew exactly what he was doing, deliberately staging the exchange for the cameras.

Quoted on Get French Football News, Julien Laurens told RMC:

“Sky picked this footage up, they have the right to film 3 or 4 training sessions a season per club I think. This morning he (José Mourinho) knew that the cameras were at training from the Premier League and Sky. Mourinho knew that the cameras were coming this morning, he knew very well that Pogba was going to come and shake the hands of Michael Carrick, the other assistant, and then he would arrive in front of Mourinho. Mourinho knew all of this, that the cameras would be on him, and he chose that moment to say something to Pogba that quite clearly didn’t please him.”

It’s hard to disagree. Mourinho, so often said to be master of all he surveys, would surely have known Pogba’s reaction — if not his own remarks — would be picked up by the cameras. But quite what he imagines the benefit to be is anyone’s guess. Either way, it seems like yet more evidence that one of them could soon be on their way out.