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Rashford apologises for going radge

It wasn’t the worst thing.

Burnley FC v Manchester United - Premier League
Two England internationals and Joe Hart.
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Marcus Rashford has apologised for getting sent off against Burnley yesterday, when he introduced his head to Phil Bardsley. Bardsley had swept away Rashford’s legs off the pitch, which understandably hacked him off. He then pushed his head into Bardsley, who complained at the whole indignity of the act. Jon Moss booked Bardsley and sent of Rashford.

If it were a headbutt from Rashford, then fair enough, but this was little more than an angry contretemps, and one that Bardsley matched Rashford for in head-grinding, and had also kicked out at him before. It was, in all fairness, a booking for both players and not much else. Instead, Moss sent off Rashford. He’s either biased, incompetent, or both, and given the state of refereeing, we shouldn’t be surprised at the outcome.

Rashford apologised to United fans on Twitter, saying: “Emotions got the better of me, I shouldn’t of reacted like that. Sorry to everyone at the club and all the fans.”

While it wasn’t his wisest move, it’s no bad thing to see a player be willing to get involved in the physical side of things given the cowardice from some of them over the last few weeks. The only shame is that if Rashford were going to get sent off and suspended for three games, then he could have left a decent mark on Bardsley in the process.