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Five things we want from Manchester City vs. Manchester United

Our derby day wishlist

Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Ash Donelon/Manchester United via Getty Images

Manchester United have their annual late autumn/early winter Manchester City away game on Saturday, following a handy win at home in the league to a woeful Tottenham Hotspur last weekend.

Defenders, defending

Anyone – anyone – to clear loose, looped-in and other rogue balls hopping around in the box. Rather than waiting to see what the opposition would like to do first.

United have had countless problems over recent, now not-so-recent, seasons. One of the worst being just how fucking polite and accommodating they mostly all are. ‘50/50? You first. And is our 1-0 lead too dominant? You’re right, we’ll get back in our shell. Sorry about that.



Mustard on the left is Marcus Rashford. Let’s keep him there, please, and at least have some fun while he’s in this form especially.

Greenwood over Martial

Not setting the world alight, Mason Greenwood, but is helping greatly with United’s shape holding up play confidently. Greenwood also has that exciting unpredictability inside and outside the box, with both feet, which United will inevitably grind out of him.

Were a manager to nurture Greenwood correctly, he could comfortably keep Anthony Martial on the bench. A manager needing quick fixes, however, would more likely reach for Martial. *eyes emoji*

We’re told it’s a long-term vision, and Martial’s third choice in his favoured position and isn’t selfless enough to lead the line.

Solskjaer maintaining motivation

City is easy, it’s Everton and Watford that should worry Solskjaer most this month.

And no ruffling Pep Guardiola’s head on Saturday if United win; uncharacteristically passive-aggressive from the blazered one.

Dan James and Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Must be protected and preserved at all costs. Top boys, who will hopefully relish City away in the league.