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Should Manchester United re-sign Memphis Depay?

Well, no, but for the sake of filling empty space, let’s hash it out.

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Olympique Lyonnais v Manchester City - UEFA Champions League Group F
The best player called Memphis in the world?
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

There is good news, of a sort, for Manchester United. Paris Saint-Germain suffered their first league defeat of the season, losing to Lyon on Sunday night. Neymar is set to miss the clashes against United in the Champions League, and they are in a relatively rocky period of their season. There is a chance for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to get through to the quarter-finals of the competition, but the French champions still have a superior side. You can read about all this in the Guardian.

The Mirror report that United old boy Memphis Depay’s performance in Lyon caused some United fans to call for the club to exercise their buyback clause on the player. In the spirit of harvesting your time for content, please put your opinions on this in the comments section.

One of Paul Pogba’s brothers has confirmed that Paul Pogba was thinking about leaving United under Jose Mourinho. Pogba has been much improved under the new manager, and appeared to not give a solitary one for most of the last two years. Given his propensity to down tools when things do not go to his liking, there’s little reason to hope that the midfielder will show any great consistency - just enjoy the brief moments he is excellent, and be pleasantly surprised should that be his regular contribution. That’s in the Daily Mail.

A player that still needs to be turned off and on again is Alexis Sanchez. He is regaining full fitness since his return from a hamstring injury, but has looked his usual woeful self. The change from his form at Arsenal to United is alarming, as is the fact his wages preclude a move to anywhere else in the near future. If he can be turned into something like the player he was, then United really would be in excellent shape (except the abominably guff defence). The Telegraph suggests that Solskjaer needs sort SORT SANCHEZ OUT.

And lastly, ESPN have a story reporting that vile defeatist Ander Herrera says that United will eventually lose a game with Solskjaer in charge.