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When is the Champions League quarter-final draw and who could Manchester United face?

All you need to know as Manchester United head into the last 8 of Europe’s biggest cup.

UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour presented by Heineken - Mexico City Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Good morning, good morning. And welcome to the future. Today we will find out just who Manchester United will be facing in the last eight of the Champions League.

So who is that, exactly?

Glad you asked. There are four English teams through to the quarter-finals: along with United, that’s Liverpool, Manchester City, and Tottenham. A tie against either of the first two would be absolutely intolerable — not necessarily for the likely outcome, but for all that narrative. Ugh.

Spurs would be less enervating, but still kind of dull.

So let’s hope United get somebody exciting and interestingly European in this most European of cups. Of the established big beasts, only Juventus and Barcelona have made it through. Never terrible occasions, those games. And United have won in Turin already this season.

The other two teams are Porto and Ajax. We suspect that everybody else in the draw is eyeing Porto as the easiest option, which is the kind of presumption that makes us feel frankly nervous. As for Ajax, well, after that dismantling of Real Madrid, you’re braver than tBB if you want Phil Jones anywhere near that glorious, cocksure football.

When is the Champions League draw?

Ah yes. That’ll be useful. 11 a.m. GMT, which translates to 7 a.m. on the east coast of the US and a frankly peculiar four in the flippin’ morning over on the west. Go back to bed.

How can I watch the Champions League draw?

The best way is probably through UEFA’s website, although various television channels usually carry the thing as well. Or you can just stare at Twitter.

This will be our live thread for the draw, so weigh in below with your predictions, views, and foolhardy predictions of ultimate triumph.