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Manchester United linked to £155m Benfica pair

Pair? That’s two!

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Benfica v Fenerbache - UEFA Champions League Qualifier
Ruben Dias
Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

Right, let’s get through this and see how we’re all feeling on the other side. My guess is: unhappy.

First up in the Mirror is the story that Charlie Nicholas thinks that Alexis Sanchez is likely to leave Manchester United in the summer. He has been impressed by a slimmed-down Romelu Lukaku and a resurgent Marcus Rashford, but less so by Sanchez, who is still struggling. His ligament injury could keep him out for a while yet and it might not be a bad thing for him to have some more time off to recharge after years of running himself into the ground.

According to ESPN, some sources claim that Sanchez will be out for at least a month and possibly two, meaning he will definitely be out of the games against Paris-Saint Germain and also Arsenal. With the end of the league season about two months away there is a chance that Sanchez has played his last game for the club for the campaign, and possibly ever.

In the Daily Mail, they have information on two reported targets for United in the summer. They are Benfica paid Ruben Dias and Joao Felix. They could become the club’s first signings under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and would apparently cost £155 million. The squad is still pretty old and needs plenty of strengthening if the club are ever to win anything serious again, but presumably only the true European Football Experts know just how good they both are.

Ashley Young has warned not to underestimate United in their second leg against PSG, saying they are planning a comeback from 2-0 down from the first leg. Without the suspended Paul Pogba, that doesn’t seem likely. You can read more about that in the Independent.

And in the Telegraph, Solskjaer says that he would like to win the tie.

Yep, unhappy.