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Solskjaer makes confusing statement on Manchester United future


Manchester United v Southampton FC - Premier League
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United is in doubt after he claimed to be out of contract at Molde, his current/former club.

Solskjaer was asked about his Twitter account which says that he is currently the manager of Molde, and the interim United boss - whose agreement with his Premier League club runs until the end of the season - gave a vague answer.

He said: “I think the contract has expired and that now I only have contract with Manchester United.

“There may have to be another contract for that.

”Let’s see what it says here. No, I am…’manager of Molde’- It’s not what I am doing at the moment, but the plan is to go back there.”

Later, Molde’s head Oysterin Neerland sent in a text message to channel TV2 to give his opinion on Solskjaer’s future.

The text message read: “Before Christmas we signed a new agreement with Ole Gunnar for three new years,

“Afterwards Ole Gunner has taken over as temporary manager at Manchester United, a job that goes on until summer.

“Ole Gunnar is now employed at Manchester United, and plans to return to Molde after the season.”

United reportedly would have to pay around £7.5 million to released Solskjaer from his Molde contract, so the current indications are that there is indeed an agreement between the two clubs to release him if it comes down to it, but given the state of football clubs’ behaviour over this kind of thing, it would be no surprise if this turns into a tedious argument for a sake of relatively small sums of money.

Solskjaer is expected to be announced as the permanent United manager in the near future after an excellent run of form with the club, and that will only become more likely if they somehow beat Paris Saint-Germain to qualify for the next round of the Champions League.